Airport reacts to purchasing policy violation

The airport director was facing  turbulence,  a violation of city purchasing policy in an attempt to get new office furniture at Augusta Regional. 

 "We're still trying to find all the details, as I say I don't really deal with the quote side of it but continue to try and find the details," said Airport Director Herbert Judon. 

The Procurement Department red flagged the furniture buy because price  quotes from  three stores  were received by the airport commissions vice chairman Willa  Hilton,that's not allowed. 
Judon was called before city leaders demanding answers why this time policy was ignored.  

" You actually bought vehicles you actually bought but other stuff through are procurement, but this one here you by passed the process I don't know why," said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle. 

Hilton says the reason she went out to get the quotes was because the employee who's job it was to  do it was sick and has died. 

 "I was helping here out, I just ran the errand for her to pick them up because she wasn't able to to do it I didn't have any problem with that I don't see where I did anything wrong," Hilton said. 

Commissioner Dennis Williams sat in on the questioning of the airport director, Tuesday he also serves as an ex-officio member of the airport board and said  issue appears  overblown. 

 "It wasn't like someone was trying to be deceitful, or harmful or doing anything wrong, I don't think the behavior was called for," said Williams. 

Judon says making sure every one at the airport understands the rules is something he's working on. 

 To make sure that the interaction between our commissioners and our employees and our processes are correct that's really where my focus is to make sure we do things the right way," the Director said. 

 Aviation commissioner James Germany says the airport board is holding a retreat the end of May and says Augusta Commissioners will be inivited to come  he says he hopes the two boards will be able to resolve some of the concerns.

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