Aiken City Council to discuss Pressly Station project

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) -- New homes could be headed to Aiken, South Carolina. On Monday, October 8, Council will discuss plans to bring in more than 140+ townhomes in the downtown area.

"I see the change in the community already," Betty Gyles told NewsChannel 6's Shawn Cabbagestalk. 

"We go to church, and all we could do is walk the railroad tracks from that end to that end down there," she recalled.

She grew concerned when she found out about a possible townhome project on the horizon in the All America City.

"My concern is what if it's not built for lower-income people to take advantage of," she said.

Beaufort Street Development requested rezoning of 9.3 acres of land on Beaufort Street to make the idea a reality.

The planning commission considered the rezoning request and a concept plan approval at a meeting in September with a number of stipulations, Including:

- The development complying with the concept plan submitted.
- Perimeter sidewalks approved by the South Carolina Department of Transportation.
- A revised concept plan listing conditions for approval submitted in 90 days.

"Even though I would love to live in a luxury home but you get what you can afford," Gyles said.

Right now, the area is zoned single family. By changing the zoning to single family attached, it would allow the development of three or more separate units on its own lot with common walls.

"But once you get there, you have your other bills, necessity bills to pay as well and try to keep up with your family," Gyles added.

As for Gyles, she feels there are other pressing issues in the area that need attention in her area.

"Before they do that, I think they need to upgrade some of the things that are already here.  Whether it's tearing down houses or fixing them up and turning them into apartments and rent them back out to people," she said.

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