A handful of entrepreneurs graduate Startup Life training; new companies on the rise

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - The Clubhou.se, a place where people come together to collaborate and inspire ideas graduated 9 young entrepreneurs for the Start-Up Life program Monday night. 

We all know starting a business isn't easy or cheap, so the program not only coaches participants, but it al provides financial relief. 

"Small businesses are not only the backbone of Augusta and other communities, but of the Chamber of Commerce as well," Blaire Marvin, Vice President of Augusta's Metro Chamber of Commerce, explained. 

The Clubhou.se received a half million dollar grant from the Kauffman Foundation last year to fund 20 startup businesses in 2 years. Since January, participants have been training-- learning how to manage finances, build a team and grow.

As of Monday-- the entrepreneurs can say they are business owners, as they officially graduated from the training portion of Startup Life.

"What Car Care Cash wants to do is pay for those repairs and you pay us back in installments at a very affordable interest rate," Arthur Chapman pitched his company, Car Care Cash. 

"Farmers lose millions of dollars each year to preventable loss," Daniel Schneider, Founder of Skyraider Aeronatics, pitched. "How we aim to solve this is fly drones with multi-spectrum sensors over the farms to be able to identify over irrigation."

The training is over, but now, the hard part: Making those companies a reality. 

Christopher Crozier spent years working for Apple. Once he figured out his passion for helping people and the need for technology education, Mobile Mentors was born: "I want to be that voice and that problem solver that takes away that fear, comes to them and makes them feel comfortable with all of their technology."

And for Latasha Louis, she became fed up with modern day's lack of conversation. That's how her company, Verbatim, was born: "It's a product-design company. The first product we introduced to the market is a re-design of greeting cards, and I call them organic convo starters."

Moving forward, these new business owners will spend the next 5 months growing their companies-- networking and developing partnerships in the community.

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