3D James Brown portrait proposed for downtown

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) - Work continues to make Augusta more fun to bring in visitors. 

The Economic Development sub-committee is brainstorming ideas to create attractions in the Garden City.

One idea: a nine by six foot, three dimensional likeness of James Brown that would be placed on a wall in the Augusta Common.

"I think we need to create more destination points in downtown Augusta. I think we need to have more discussion on what those destination points are going to be," said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Do you like the idea of the sculpture on the wall in the common?

"I think something centralized in the common is a good idea. I don't think the sculpture, the way it was given today, was the right idea," said Commissioner Frantom. 

Other ideas for the James Brown Plaza called for new benches and a shade screen, electronic kiosks to display information on the Godfather of Soul and speakers so visitors to the statue could hear music.

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