17-year-old student becomes the first person in his school to pass the Security+ exam

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - The end of the school year is right around the corner. For most students, they are focusing on getting ready for prom. However, for one Richmond County student, he has other plans in mind.

17-year-old Ricky Perry tells NewsChannel 6 he was excited when found out he passed the "Security+" exam.

The exam is to test the knowledge and skills of a person to secure networks and devices. Perry says he was very confident when he took the test. 

"Every time I got home, I did my homework and went to studying," said Perry. "So I felt confident about that test."

His confidence was the reason why he was the only person in his school to pass the exam. Making him the youngest person in the county to pass it.

Enoch Gamble a cybersecurity instructor at Richmond County Technical Magnet School, has been teaching cybersecurity for 11 years. He says it remarkable for a student so young to pass a test most can't.

"Impressed is the not word I can use," said Gamble."Because of I've been teaching soldiers and some are college graduates. This test is pretty tough and a lot of them don't make it."

Ricky hopes he can find a job in penetration testing. Where the technicians hack into devices to see if there are any flaws with it.

Gamble says the next move for him is to help Ricky find an internship and colleges that will fit his skill set.

The Security+ exam is recommended for applicants with two years of experience in IT administration. For a student like Ricky who doesn't have any on the job experience is incredible.

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