"He shouldn't had been the sacrifice." Community seeks justice for Melquan Robinson

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - "We as citizens are demanding answers, and we deserve that," said Pastor Angela Harden.

Emotions ran high as a community joined together to be the voice for 12-year-old Melquan Robinson.

Loved ones still mourning his tragic death by an electrified fence at Fleming Park. Community Activist, Angela Harden says they demand answers from the city leaders.

"I believe that it has got their attention, but we need transparency because you're talking about it behind closed doors," said Harden. "You need to bring it to the forefront." 

One woman says she was injured from the same fence more than 20 years ago. She told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, she came to show her support.

"It makes feel like nobody knows about it or they don't care," explained Crystal Underwood. "Did y'all do anything 27 years ago? What did y'all do to fix the fence from shocking anybody else?"

Melquan also was known as "Mr. Make It Happen," his death gained not only the attention of the community but also the commissioner who covers this area. 

"I'm concerned of the welfare of the people in my district and my community," said Dennis Williams. "I came out to make sure things are running smoothly."

Harden says getting justice for Melquan will make sure no parent will experience this ever again.

"I believe Melquan's death doesn't have to be in vain, but he shouldn't had to die," said Harden. "He shouldn't had been the sacrifice."

The community wants you to join them as they bring up Melquan's death in the city council meeting on Tuesday, January 15th. 

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