CSRA could benefit from policies announced by Trump during State of the Union


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address before millions. NewsChannel 6 caught up with an Augusta University political science professor to discuss what the speech could mean for the CSRA.

The economy, crime, immigration and infrastructure made the list of topics during the speech.

“It was a very well-crafted speech for the president to give,” said Dr. Craig Albert, Associate Professor of Political Science. “I think it was the most presidential Donald Trump has been.”

Albert told us Trump was surprisingly strong on foreign policy. And his proposal for more than a trillion dollars in infrastructure could even be felt in the CSRA through buildings, bridges and stop lights.

He said, “Money for roads, for restructuring, refinancing different federally owned or even state-owned roads could provide even block grants from that money to the state. The state could give it to the local government. There are all types of infrastructure improvements we could make.”

Immigration divided the room. Albert said Democrats and Republicans still can’t agree on DREAMers and Trump proposed to change the pathway to citizenship. But he said his plan to become more strict on law and punishment might be to the CSRA’s advantage.

“I think what the president really wants to do is get better training, better equipment for law enforcement individuals, which I think will be great for the local community,” he explained. [It helps] “To bolster our law enforcement, to bolster classes, bolster inclusive and diverse police departments that understand the community.”

Albert said Trump stayed clear from any controversial statements and he said Trump has also stayed clear of such statements on Twitter.

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