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Spartanburg man accused of beating wife with stun gun and hammer

SPARTANBURG Co., S.C. (WSPA) - A Woodruff man is accused of attacking his wife with a stun gun and beating her with a hammer before she managed to escape their home. 

Kenneth Ray Yeargin, 53, is charged with kidnapping and aggravated domestic violence.

Spartanburg County deputies responded to a domestic violence call Saturday night on Reidville Road in Woodruff. 

Deputies found the victim distraught with multiple cuts, puncture wounds, burn marks and bruises, according to a report.

The victim told deputies Kenneth Yeargin questioned why it took her so long to run an errand and the two argued before he attacked her with a taser - using the stun gun multiple times. When it stopped working, the victim said he began striking her in the head and face numerous times with the jagged and blunt end of the Taser. 

The victim said he began punching her in the face and told her she was going to die before the night ended before hitting her in the legs and knees numerous times with a hammer. The victim said he tried to break her knees so she couldn't leave the house and also destroyed her cell phone to prevent her from calling for help.

But the victim managed to escape through the back door and drove to a nearby gas station where she called law enforcement. 

The victim declined to have an ambulance take her to the hospital and said a relative would take her later. She was also concerned for her animals.  

Deputies returned to the victim's home where they found the dining area destroyed and items scattered throughout other rooms, including blood on a hammer and a taser that appeared to have blood and burned skin on it. 

Yeargin was no longer there. 

Yeargin was reportedly arrested Sunday morning at his mother's home in Woodruff. 

As of Monday, he remains in the Spartanburg County Detention Center under no bond. 

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