WRENS, Ga. (WJBF)- The community within Jefferson County came together to raise awareness on putting an end to the recent increase of gun violence.

Several people walked seven laps, praying that someday their efforts and voices can help save lives.

“I don’t understand why someone would be so hard-hearted to take someone’s life. And I have a heart for kids, ‘cause I have two kids of my own,” Elisha Davis said.

Elisha Davis, who lives in the area, showed up tired of seeing another young life being taken. She says, it has to end, but first the action for preventative measures need to begin. 

“People are looking for a lot of closure and they just want to know that they have people that’s standing behind them.” 

Saturday morning’s walk took everyone in the community in order to start change. 

“Like the Sheriff said, we are all working together. This is not a Jefferson County, Wrens thing, GBI thing, DA thing. That’s not what it is, that’s an us thing,” Jefferson County Police said.

On August 26th, 19-year-old Khia Shields lost her life. Her mother says a bullet flew into their home and killed her daughter. This tragic act is just another reason community leaders say enough is enough. 

“We’ve had a rash of violent crimes, murders, shootings– on a regular basis– major drug busts have come through our area, and we’re coming together today as a community to demand and let our community know that we’re coming together to stop it,” Pastor at Lofton-Circuit Church Stephen Smith said.

People say whether it’s by word of mouth, a signed document, or step by step on the grounds in their community, change will happen.