“We believe that there are other victims out there,” Meadowbrook rape investigation continues

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Richmond County Sheriff’s Deputies continue to investigate an alleged rape in the Meadowbrook area. They say an underage girl was sexually assaulted after two Glenn Hills High School students allegedly blackmailed her with a video of her engaging in sexual activity.

The sheriff’s department say the two boys charged in this case are not associated with an organized gang, but the tactics the boys allegedly used closely parallel gang activity.

“I’ve checked with the gang unit and I’ve also checked with the violent crimes detective. It’s not an affiliated gang,” Chief Deputy Patrick Clayton said. “This seems to be a group of juveniles that did this here. It doesn’t seem that they were involved in other criminal activity.”

But Chief Deputy Clayton says blackmail is a common practice used to exploit victims.

Kyadiar Oliver

“Something like this is where they compromise a female such as where they have videos of them having sex with somebody else and then they compromise them,” Chief Deputy Clayton said.

16-year-old Kyadiar Oliver is charged as an adult with rape and aggravated child molestation. Another Glenn Hills High School student who is 14-years-old is charged as a juvenile with child exploitation and computer pornography. Because he’s charged as a juvenile, his name and picture will not be released.

“In this particular investigation, we believe that there are other victims out there,” Chief Deputy Clayton said.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office investigators encourage any other victims to come forward.

He says teens are usually lured into this type of activity via social media, and knowing where your kids are and who they are with starts with knowing what they’re doing online.

“I would really tell parents to make sure that they, especially with young teenagers these days, really monitor their social media,” Chief Deputy Clayton said.

To cut down on crime in the Meadowbrook area, the sheriff’s office is “hot spot policing” meaning they patrol areas with high volumes of crime.

NewsChannel 6 asked residents is the department is doing enough.

“They’re doing as much as they can. They’re doing as much as they can,” south Augusta resident Cherlie Howard said.

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