Two deaths at Magnolia Park Apartments under investigation

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The Richmond County Coroner’s office is investigating the death of two people found dead at Magnolia Park Apartments on Vandivere Road. Coroner Mark Bowen identifies the bodies as 72-year-old Sarah Douglas and 61-year-old Patrick Barnhardt.

Both bodies were found in their separate apartments Wednesday. Bowen told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson they are treating the deaths of the two victims as suspicious.

News of two bodies in the Augusta apartment complex has everyone shocked.

“I was like what I used to live over there,” said LaSonja Anderson. “So out of curiosity, of course, I’m going to ride through, I was in Augusta anyway. When I was coming up the road here, I saw the news people here. I was like, wow this is happening.”

Anderson tells Devin she used to live in Magnolia Park back in the ’90s. She says back then the complex was family-friendly, now —-

“It’s scary because they have small children or have teenage kids that are coming up in this neighborhood,” said Anderson. “So what is going on here? We are finding bodies everywhere here in Augusta, and it’s weird.”

This case makes the fourth body reported in Augusta in the past couple of days. A body was found in a ditch at Trinity Manor Apartments. And the Richmond County police found a body in a shallow grave on Meadowlark Road.

LaSonja Anderson: “All we have heard about all week in Augusta and last week are bodies being found.”

Devin Johnson: Does it make it scary that they are saying these are suspicious deaths?

LaSonja Anderson: “Yes, it’s terrifying they are saying it’s suspicious because I just told my daughter don’t come over here. If it’s not to see her Nana, don’t even come over here to Augusta.”

She is asking for her city leaders to step in.

“This is horrible we need our city leaders to buckle down on this crime here, it is horrible,” explained Anderson. “It’s only getting worse, and it’s not getting any better. When you got bodies being just found here, there and everywhere, it’s just crazy.”

Bowen says Barnhardt and Douglas were friends but is unsure how or if the deaths are connected. The bodies were taken to the GBI for an autopsy.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Two people have been found dead at a local apartment complex.

The bodies were reportedly found at Magnolia Park Apartments at 2133 Vandivere Road.

Richmond County Coroner Mark Bowen tells us that 72-year-old Sarah Douglas was found dead in her apartment in one building and 61-year-old Patrick Barnhardt was found dead in his apartment in another building.

The Richmond County Coroner says the deaths are being treated as suspicious.

Investigators say Douglas and Barnhardt were friends but are unsure how the deaths are connected.

Count on NewsChannel 6 for more details as they become available.

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