Teenager takes insanity plea after crashing into Swainsboro Taco Bell

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A shocking plea from a court hearing in Emanuel County.

18-year-old Oliver Cope, who crashed his car into a Swainsboro Taco Bell on September 29, pled not guilty by reason of insanity. He is charged with killing 23-year-old Macy Mullis and injuring four others.

In addition to pleading not guilty to murder, aggravated assault and other charges, his lawyers asked he be kept at a secure mental hospital in Statesboro instead of a county jail. They say that he can get the correct treatment at the hospital he couldn’t get at the jail.

Although the victim’s families were originally not okay with the idea, after learning where he would be staying, they changed their minds about the facility.

“It will be a secure facility, meaning he can’t come and go and that it be a bonafide treatment facility and not some place where he would be coddled,” said the victims lawyer Kendall Gross. “Basically not allowed to use the facility as a get out of jail free card.”

His pretrial [was] scheduled for March 6th.

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