BURKE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) — An investigation is underway in Burke County where a police shooting occurred.

Around eight-thirty last night, deputies say 33-year -old Kevin McCardell was holed up at an apartment on Southside Drive in Waynesboro, about 500 feet from the Burke County Sheriff’s Office. 

His wife says she was assaulted but managed to get away and hide in the woods until a family member got her.

A negotiator tried for several hours to get McCardell to surrender. At some point police say he used his 2 children as a shield while firing shots at officers. 

“When Murphy swung the door open, he was standing there with the kids in his arms like this,” said Captain Jimmy Wylds, holding his arms out. “I already drew down on him. I told him to put the babies down and he said, ‘I’m not putting anything down’. And he reached and came up with his firearm. And I moved back across the door and he shot out the door. And we took cover and, [when] we come to the door, he reached around thisaway to shoot back at us.”

Officers returned fire wounding McCardell in the leg. He was taken to the hospital. 

The children were unharmed.

“And we were thankful and blessed to be able to resolve this, I’d say, in a manner that was feasible,” said Captain Randall Norman, who negotiated with McCardell. “And we were able to walk away with everyone alive.”

This morning, Burke County Sheriff Alfonzo Williams held a press conference at the training center office in Waynesboro.

“And we could have very easily had a different situation had we not had the people with the experience, expertise and the equipment that we needed,” said Sheriff Alfonzo Williams. “The BearCat that everybody talks about and says we don’t need- we used it for the third time last night, the third time this year. ”

McCardell was taken to Augusta University Medical Center and is in stable condition as of Thursday. He has felony warrants in Baltimore stemming from a June 2021 domestic violence incident involving his wife.

He is facing numerous felony charges in Burke County.

Sheriff Wylds says their office is helping the family get back on their feet.

“The Sheriff’s office is all about service,” said Sheriff Williams. “We found food and diapers and clothes for the children. And food for the mom and the children to eat. And they slept on the couch in my office. That, you know, that is what we do.”

McCardell’s father reached out to WJBF wanting to talk but, after further consideration with an attorney, he decided not to make a statement at this time.