AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Tuesday night, 4 people were injured in a drive-by shooting at Pauls IGA on Greene St. NewsChannel 6 spoke to store employees and customers to hear their reactions.

Even with the glass missing, the front doors to Pauls IGA remain open. Staff members are working and those faithful shoppers didn’t let the crime stop them from getting their items.

“I was outside smoking a cigarette when this occurred,” said Ferron Dove, a clerk at the store. “I had just put my cigarette out. As soon as I stepped on this step right here, that’s when everything just transpired.”

Work for Ferron Dove at Pauls IGA on Greene Street and East Boundary on Tuesday brought more than just customers. A shooting in the parking lot sent bullets through the windows as well.

Dove added, “People started running in the store, just running. A co-worker of mine, he got shot. A friend of mine, he got shot badly. It was like four different people got shot.”

What this clerk saw is exactly what Richmond County Sheriff’s Office later reported. Deputies went to Pauls IGA for a drive-by shooting that left four victims. Just after 6 o’clock, a crime scene complete with first responders and firetrucks could be seen. Deputies found two people at the store and learned two others drove themselves to the hospital. The chaos was something one faithful shopper avoided after choosing not to pick up a money order from IGA on Tuesday. And she’s thanking a higher power that she did.

“I was going to come down here. It was about 5:30. We would have got down here and it would have been 6 o’clock. When I heard it on the news, I just started praising God. Lord, thank you because you didn’t let me be in the midst of that. But have mercy on the people that was down here who were caught in the middle,” said shopper Rev. Scherry McCain.

Robert Huff, another shopper, added, “Why all this shooting going on, you know, innocent people. They just need God, you know. Need Jesus. That’s what they need. Stop all this mess going on.”

Authorities said the vehicle involved is a dark gray or black SUV seen going south on East Boundary. While they investigate the crime, Dove and all of her valued customers are still trying to wrap their heads around what happened.

“I’ve been here like four years, over four years. This is the second time I’ve experienced a shooting like this,” she said.

We are still working with the sheriff’s office to confirm all of the suspects and victims in this incident. We will continue to follow this story.

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps