BAMBERG COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – A man has been arrested in connection to a murder that occurred in the Bamberg city limits last week.

SLED announced Friday, Feb. 17 that 31-year-old Xavier Emmanuel Javonte Jones of Bamberg was arrested in connection to the death of 38-year-old Latrese Kutrina Broxton, also of Bamberg.

Broxton’s severely beaten body was discovered on the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 8 behind the Relax Inn on the 2800 block of Main Highway around 11 a.m.

Upon the arrival of Bamberg Police, Jones was found walking toward where emergency callers had said the body had been found. An officer conducted an interview with Jones and asked if he knew anything about an unconscious person laying down on the ground nearby, to which Jones is quoted in police documents as saying, “That’s what I heard.”

According to an incident report filed by Bamberg Police in the case, Jones then walked to the corner of the motel and pointed out the body lying behind it. At the time, Bamberg Police released Jones, who was well known to them and believed easy to find if needed for further questioning.

Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office personnel also responded to the scene and began to secure the scene, according to the incident report, while Bamberg Police took the vitals of the body who was readily identifiable as Broxton.

Broxton was found in a disheveled state, lying on her back with her sweater barely on her left shoulder, her feet crossed, and, upon further inspection, marks about her neck and visible bruising to her head. She was also stiff to the touch, according to the incident report.

Nearby, a red and blue stocking cap, some change, and a fast-food bag of uneaten breakfast was found – Bamberg Police determined that the incident must have only recently occurred as the breakfast food appeared fresh and had yet to attract flies.

During canvassing of the area, according to the report filed by Bamberg Police, a witness told the captain on scene that Jones had shared that he and Broxton had gotten in a fight. Allegedly, Jones told the witness he’d taken Broxton’s phone in response to the blow and said he’d proceeded to choke and hit Broxton.

According to the witness whose statement was taken by police, Jones said Broxton, whom he called an expletive, “might still be back there.”

When SLED arrived on-scene, it took over the investigation. Jones was located and taken to the Bamberg Police Station for questioning, with search warrants issued for both the Relax Inn and Jones’ residence.

SLED took Jones into custody the next day, Thursday, Feb. 9, and charged him with murder and booked him into Bamberg County Detention Center.