AUGUSTA (WJBF) – Richmond County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating a shooting at the RaceWay on Washington Road.

According to the RCSO, two men were arguing in the parking lot of the gas station. The argument escalated and one of the subjects shot at the other.

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A stray bullet from the Raceway parking lot traveled across Stevens Creek Road and hit a bystander in the parking lot of the BP gas station across the street.

“I know the girl well, and it’s like a stray bullet hit her,” witness Robert Matthews said.

Witnesses say they heard between four and six gunshots around 11 a.m. One witness says the shooting happened while he was painting on the opposite side of the BP.

“This is crazy. Job site turned into a crime scene,” the witness said. “I mean, what’s the world coming to?”

But he and another witness didn’t waste any time before jumping into action to help the victim.

“I looked out my window and the female was on the ground up under my truck saying she had been hit,” witness Anthony Vickers said. “I gave her my undivided attention. Called 911. I rendered aid to her.”

Vickers said he was scared there may be more bullets, but the instinct to help kicked in.

“I don’t want her to die on my watch,” Vickers said. “Human life is very valuable, and I don’t think I could’ve dealt with that.”

Richmond County deputies on the scene say she was taken to the hospital to be treated for a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Both subjects fled the area.

A male victim later arrived at the hospital in a personal vehicle with a gunshot wound related to this incident.

Richmond County investigators are searching for Brandon Bland. We’re told he drives a gold Chevy Malibu with black rims or a black Nissan Altima.

Bland is known to frequent motels on Washington Road.

He is considered armed and dangerous.