Sheriff’s office and DDA discussing cameras for Augusta Riverwalk

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AUGUSTA (WJBF-TV) — The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and the Downtown Development Authority are trying to come up with a way to install security cameras on the Augusta Riverwalk.

This comes after two men started shooting at each other on the Riverwalk minutes after the fireworks on July 4th.

Thursday, Augustan Marie West was spending time at the riverfront park with her kids.

“I love it. It’s peaceful and I don’t have to worry about the kids running off into the road. They have security that comes through here and checks on everything. I like that too,” West said.

Even though there was a shooting on the Riverwalk more than a month ago, West says she’s not letting that keep her away from the park.

However, she says there’s always room for improvements, like adding security cameras.

“I think that’s a very good idea. If something was to happen, they could catch whoever did it,” West said.

It’s an idea shared by the sheriff’s office and the DDA.

Both agencies are coming up with a proposal for a security camera system on the Riverwalk.

“We’ve had, as you know, a couple of incidents at that particular area. Very few. It would give people a feeling of security knowing that there are cameras in the area and they are being monitored at times,” Col. Robert Partain said.

Partain says the recently approved precinct in the UNISYS building would include a camera monitoring room.

The Riverwalk would also be plastered with signs showing people that cameras are around.

“We could have good coverage as far as the ingresses and egresses to the Riverwalk and some of the lower level, but obviously we have the trees and other obstacles that would obstruct the cameras,” Partain said.

Partain says the sheriff would like to add cameras to Broad Street as well, but that would cost at least $700,000.

For just 15 cameras on the Riverwalk, the total would be at least $100,000.

Whatever the price is, West says someone needs to come up with the money.

“I do think it’s worth it to save somebody’s life and put more emphasis on protecting people. It’s well worth it,” she said.

The current SPLOST project list includes $4 million for enhancements to parks.

The DDA is trying to find out if some of that money can be used for the security camera system.

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