BURKE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) — Burke County Sheriff’s Office and EMA responded to a fight at Burke County High School on Friday where several students got pepper sprayed.

Burke County Sheriff Alfonzo Williams tells WJBF NewsChannel 6 that deputies were requested to assist School Resource Officers and administrators at Burke County High School to break up a fight.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, multiple students were engaged in a physical fight. While attempting to defuse the situation and separate the parties involved, one of the SROs deployed pepper spray to “gain compliance and to safely detain the combative students.”

After the pepper spray was deployed, several students nearby received residual effects which caused irritation and other discomforts. Burke County EMA and the high school rendered aid to the students affected. There were no serious injuries.

Captain Randall Norman with Burke County Sheriff’s Office said the Department of Juvenile Justice was contacted for the juvenile offenders. While the main investigation is into the fight itself, an internal investigation was conducted over the use of force in the use of pepper spray and it was determined that the use of force was appropriate in the incident.

The students involved in the physical fight were detained, and the parents and guardians were notified. The investigation into the fight is ongoing, and charges are pending. The school will also take appropriate disciplinary actions against the students involved in the fight.

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