AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) — Investigators are searching for at least two men who reportedly hit a woman riding a horse intentionally while driving recklessly down a dirt road in Aiken County.

The victim said she and a witness were riding horses near the edge of the roadway of Gyles Storey Road towards New Holland Road, just before the intersection of Poplar Springs Road.

The victim told investigators that a light “seafoam” green Toyota Tundra pickup was traveling at a high rate of speed toward New Holland Road on Gyles Storey Road. She said that she and the witness yelled at the people in the truck to slow down and she held her middle finger out toward the vehicle.

The truck then reportedly accelerated at a high rate of speed, spinning out its tires on the dirt road. The victim and the witness continued riding their horses along when the truck returned a brief time later, this time in the opposite direction. The victim said she noticed the truck contained a white male driver and a Black male passenger.

The victim and the witness reportedly positioned themselves on both separate sides of the roadway, and the truck accelerated onto Gyles Story Road from New Holland Road at the intersection of Poplar Springs Road.

The victim and witness told investigators that the truck collided with the horse the victim was riding, causing the victim to fall to the ground. The victim was injured on her right leg and right hand from the fall.

The victim and the witness said the truck accelerated again at a high rate of speed, spinning out its tires and swerving from side to side on the dirt road in a reckless way. The victim said the horse she was riding began to run away and the witness followed the horse on horseback.

The victim nor the witness could provide a tag number for the truck and deputies who responded were unable to locate the truck. It is unclear if the horse suffered any internal injuries, but investigators said that it appeared to be okay.

Investigators say the truck has a broken headlight from the impact, and pieces of the headlight were picked up from the roadway for evidence.

If you have any information that may aid investigators, you’re asked to call the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office at (803) 648-6811.