Remembering "The Face" of Harrisburg Community: Michael Gentry

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Michael Gentry was gunned down in his wheelchair Tuesday and shot in broad daylight. It happened at the intersection of Fenwick Street and Moore Avenue. 

It was a sad week in the Harrisburg community. Dozens came together Thursday night to not only  remember Mike but also rally for change. 

"I know I will never forget him, but it looks like there is a lot of other people who will never forget him, too," Daniel Gentry, Michael's son, told NewsChannel 6. 

60-year-old Michael Gentry, also known as "Thumbs up Mike" spent his days riding around in his wheelchair throughout the Harrisburg community-- and never missing a chance to throw a thumbs up.

"He loved it down here because he was able to get out and about, you know, in the neighborhood," Gentry's son reminisced. 

Tuesday, though, his last ride. The "Face of Harrisburg" was found unresponsive in the road after officials said he was shot in the head.

"Lord at a time like this, we need to see your mighty hand," a preacher at the Vigil prayed. 

Thursday night's vigil brought together people from all backgrounds, joining hands and demanding change.

Melissa Pratt headed up the event and has has lived in Harrisburg for years: "This just shows there are a lot of good people in this community, and Mike was one. He did no harm."

She believes gang activity and lack of law enforcement could be to blame for Gentry's death. 

Pratt told us she has contacted the district's commissioner, William Fennoy, but has yet to hear back. 

In a story we brought you Wednesday, Pratt and other Harrisburg homeowners rallied outside of the Sheriff's office.

"These drug houses need to be shut down," She told us. "We should not have to live in fear of this all of the time."

Following Gentry's death, neighbors are working so that it's the last of its kind on their streets: "This is a human being who died for nothing. he did nothing."

The shooter is still on the loose. If you have any information about this case, contact the Richmond County Sheriff's Office: 706-821-1080

Pratt plans to rally at different areas in Augusta each week until the crime rate lowers and neighbors feel safe. 

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