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AUGUSTA (WJBF) — The parents of Reality Winner spoke with NewsChannel 6 hours before their daughter’s bond hearing.

The couple wants to make it clear that despite the allegations, their daughter is a patriot who served her country for 6 years.

“What’s out in the media today is not who our daughter is. She’s a veteran. She served with distinction. People are calling her a traitor. There hasn’t been a trial yet. They are trying her in the court of public opinion. The government sent all this out and the only information out there is what the government has put out,” Reality Winner’s Stepfather Gary Davis said.

Gary Davis and Billie Winner-Davis say their 25-year-old daughter Reality Winner poses no threat.

“She is not a flight risk. Everybody in America will now recognize her. She’s not going to be going anywhere. She wouldn’t go anywhere. That’s not who she is. She’s not going to run from this,” Reality Winner’s Mother Billie Winner-Davis said.

The couple says Reality seems to be doing okay, despite being in jail, but for them, it’s been a difficult week.

“This has developed into a political storm and there are factions on both sides. My daughter is caught in the middle,” Davis said.

Reality’s Anti-Donald Trump tweets in the spotlight this week, but her parents say there’s nothing wrong with having political opinions.

“She was very upset with his stance on immigration and with his ban on Muslim nations. With his wanting to build a wall,” Winner-Davis said.

Reality is accused of leaking classified materials about Russian meddling in the 2016 election. If she did that, her family doesn’t understand what it’s such a big deal.

“The American people deserve to know what’s going on and if they’re hiding information, that information needs to be brought out,” Davis said.

But still, Davis and Winner-Davis say the law is the law, and their daughter knows that.

“If she did break the law and that’s determined to be the truth by the court and a jury of her peers, then she will face whatever punishment comes down,” Davis said.

A lot of people are wondering about Reality’s name.

What kind of name is that? Why would her parents name her that?

Her mother says Reality’s biological father chose the name because he wanted his daughter to be a “Real Winner.”

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