AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — An attorney with the Public Defender’s Office was arrested for supplying his client with a toilet paper wrapper, which is considered contraband.

According to Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Rodrequez Burnett is charged with felony Introducing Prohibited Items to an Inmate and was booked into the Charles B. Webster Detention Center.

Burnett met with his client on Wednesday, during which he entered a closet inside a multipurpose room and removed a roll of toilet paper which he handed to the inmate. The inmate removed the outer wrapper from the toilet paper and concealed the wrapper in his clothing. Burnett then returned the roll of toilet paper to the closet. Investigators say the inmate left the room and distributed the wrapper to other inmates.

The wrapper is considered contraband as it is commonly used to roll tobacco and other substances for smoking, according to the Sheriff’s Office.