Officials with the Department of Justice have issued a release announcing the indictment of more than 40 associates of white supremacist gang, Ghost Face Gangsters.

43 men and women have been charged with a number of criminal offenses including trafficking methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin.

Bobby L. Christine, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia. Federal, state and local agencies cooperated in the investigation dubbed Operation Vanilla Gorilla.

The indictment alleges that the narcotics-trafficking conspiracy began as early as 2015 and continued until the present, operating in Bryan, Chatham, Effingham, Emmanuel, Evans and Tattnall Counties

Charges against the defendants in Operation Vanilla Gorilla include:

  • 25 counts alleging the possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute;
  • 18 counts alleging the unlawful distribution of controlled substances;
  • 25 counts alleging prohibited persons (drug users and/or felons) in possession of firearms and/or ammunition;
  • One count alleging the unlawful possession of a prohibited weapon – a sawed-off rifle;
  • One count alleging the possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number;
  • 10 counts alleging the possession of controlled substances, including methamphetamine, heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, and prescription pills; and,
  • 2 counts alleging the possession of counterfeit currency.

The indictment also seeks the forfeiture of 23 firearms that were seized during this operation.

The following defendants were indicted, all of them facing potential sentences of up to life in prison, including one from the CSRA:

  • David McCloskey, 47, a/k/a “Larchmont,” of Augusta, Ga.;
  • Mike Penfield, 54, Pooler, Ga.;
  • Nick Penfield, a/k/a/ “Picnic,” 22, Pooler, Ga.;
  • Cody Penfield, 28, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Adam Cushman, a/k/a “Cush,” 39, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Devon Aines, a/k/a “Devon Johnson,” 32, Garden City, Ga.;
  • Trevor Aines, a/k/a “Sticks,” 29, Garden City, Ga.;
  • Avery Wiggins, 43, Guyton, Ga.;
  • Tyler Shuman, 25, Pembroke, Ga.;
  • Aaron McCarthy, a/k/a “Mustang Aaron,” 40, Pooler, Ga.;
  • Darren J. Driggers, a/k/a “eBay,” a/k/a “DJ,” 26, Bloomingdale, Ga.;
  • Crystal Wilson, 36, Bloomingdale, Ga.;
  • Cody Eubanks, 26, Pooler, Ga.;
  • Robert Fuller, a/k/a “Robbie,” 39, Richmond Hill, Ga.;
  • Baby Dwayne Garrison, 55, Bloomingdale, Ga.;
  • Jennifer J. Grooms, 36, Ellabell, Ga.;
  • Marcus Logan-Greco, 28, Richmond Hill, Ga.;
  • Brandon Chapman, 25, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Ronald A. Smith, 39, Newington, Ga.;
  • Kenneth I. Jenks, a/k/a “Juno,” 40, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Daniel Fleming, a/k/a “Baby Boy,” 32, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Andrew P. Campos, a/k/a “Chubs,” 28, Richmond Hill, Ga.;
  • Rodney Rose, 39, Bloomingdale, Ga.;
  • Cody Tracy, a/k/a “Cojack,” 33, Guyton, Ga.;
  • Joshua Mcnelly, 25, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Cynthia Miracle, 48, Ellabell, Ga.;
  • Dillon Myrick, a/k/a “Country Crack,” 31, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Amberly Knight, a/k/a “Tina Tinker,” 26, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Keri Ann-Marie Lewis, 28, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Waylon Jesse Hodges, 41, Pembroke, Ga.;
  • Christine Loggins, 43, Rockledge, Ga.;
  • William Frank Davis, a/k/a “Nitty,” 31, Guyton, Ga.;
  • Joseph Britt Carter, a/k/a “Crack,” 29, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Maurice L. Graham, a/k/a “Moe,” 45, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Meagan M. James, a/k/a “Meagan M. Cooke,” “Amanda Gail Page,” and “MJ,” 35, Alto, Ga.;
  • Shawn Hadden, a/k/a “Shorty,” 42, Bloomingdale, Ga.;
  • Christopher Hendrix, a/k/a “Hot Boy,” “Irish,” and “Conor Murphy,” 40, Helena, Ga.;
  • Elizabeth Kitchens, a/k/a “Liz,” 38, Tybee Island, Ga.;
  • Kerri Neely, 27, Savannah, Ga.;
  • David Rahn, 41, Savannah, Ga.;
  • Miranda Burnsed, a/k/a “Miranda Harralson,” 32, Pembroke, Ga.;
  • Patrick Kennally, a/k/a “Shifty,” 39, Bloomingdale, Ga.; and,
  • Kimberlin Johnson, 24, Rincon, Ga.

Of the 43 defendants charged, 41 are now in custody awaiting further court proceedings.