NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WJBF) – An employee at Busy Bees Preschool and Daycare has been charged with Cruelty to children.

According to an incident report from the North Augusta Department of Public Safety, a deputy was dispatched to the Busy Bees Daycare and Pre School December 9th where a complaint was made against 53-year-old Susan Harrison.

The complainant said the child had a knot on his head and a fresh laceration on the right side of his neck and shoulder area. When the complainant spoke with the principal Chasity Williams, Williams said she was not aware of a fight and no injuries had been reported to her. Williams opened an investigation and interviewed other employees.

One employee advised she was in the after school program when she heard a loud “Pow” and saw the child holding his head, as if he was getting off of the floor. Another employee states that she was sitting in the outdoor playground area with suspect. She advised she did not see the student hit any other children, however she said Harrison got out of her seat and grabbed the child by the arm and forcefully led him into the building without asking him what happened. Another teacher witnessed the child crying wanting to go back out to the playground. She claimed Harrison used an open hand to grab the child by the neck. The child consequently fell to the floor and possibly hit his head on a wall.

Susan Harris stated other students were playing on the slides when several students came up to her stating the child hit another student in the chest and face. Harrison says she went to investigate and the student said, “my momma told me to hit anyone that hit me” She said she attempted to lead the child inside to call their mother and the child tried to bite her. She said the child yelled and she asked them to be quiet while putting her hand up, trying to put space between them. She said she was able to calm the child and sat them in the eating area.

The deputy spoke with the child who said, “Ms. Susan” put her hands on them and it hurt. According to the report, the child was in tears and did not want to go back.

The deputy met with the principal and Harrison where Harrison gave her statement. Harrison is being charged charged with cruelty to children (torture, deprivation).

Principal and operator of Busy Bee’s Childcare and Preschool, Chasity Williams, tells WJBF she’s run the daycare center for the past six years in two different locations.

According to Principal Williams, Susan Harrison was terminated shortly after the school initiated an investigation through the South Carolina Department of Social Services. Harrison began employment as a leader teacher at Busy Bee’s in Augusta of this year and been an employee for only several months.

When North Augusta Department of Public Safety arrived onsite Wednesday, December 8th, the school and DSS had already begun their own investigation, per state regulations.

According to Principal Williams, the parent of the student is who filed the separate criminal complaint with North Augusta Department of Public Safety.