Neighbors speak out on woman’s death at 2800 Block of April Drive

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Deputies were called to a scene where an Augusta women was found dead.

Neighbors say Karrie Braswell’s body was found in the living room. They also say this is a generally quiet neighborhood and things like that just don’t happen.

“I’m just kind of shocked at what’s going on and kind of confused. Wondering what actually, what happened?” One of her neighbors questioned.

The Coroner says Braswell was found dead by a gunshot wound last night at the 2800th Block of April Drive. Officials are calling the death “suspicious.” NewsChannel 6 spoke to neighbors, but none of them wanted to be identified.

“I left around 10. I drove by and saw a bunch of police officers and it looked like a Coroner truck or something like that, and I saw the caution tape and,” says the neighbor, “it instantly concerned me because there has been commotion that I hear from my home.”

Other neighbors told NewsChannel 6 that a man working in Braswell’s yard found her body in the living room, between the couch and the coffee table. One couple said that Braswell lived with her boyfriend, who they named as “Donnie.” They say Donnie and Braswell had a tumultuous relationship in the past.

“I’ve ran down here because there was so much commotion, and I thought someone was seriously getting hurt. And I believe it was her saying, saying like ‘stop please.’ You know, ‘get out of my yard,'” says the neighbor.

People in the area that knew Braswell say she was kind, though some of them believe that what happened in this home could range anywhere from a mental health collapse to a domestic incident that ended in murder.

“I myself questioned the circumstances behind everything,” says her neighbor.

She revealed that a relative of Braswell suspected it to be a domestic dispute.

“I’ve actually spoke with somebody that is related to her and that is what they suspected,” says the neighbor.

This neighbor tells me she knows the man Braswell was dating well, and says he wouldn’t be intentionally involved.

“My heart hurts honestly because something that close to you,” says the neighbor, “it’s something that you are never going to forget.”

This is an ongoing investigation and we will share more details as soon as it becomes available.

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