AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Three people in Richmond County are being charged with child cruelty after investigators said a child was hospitalized in critical condition after ingesting narcotics.

41-year-old Matthew Moss, 34-year-old Talethea Browman, and 31-year-old Aisha Bartley are also facing drug and firearm possession charges.

According to a Sheriff’s Office report, first responders were called to a home on Howard Road just after 6 p.m. on Thursday night for an unresponsive child who may have ingested narcotics.

“I noticed she looked limp, so I walked over to see if they needed someone to call 911 for help but they were already on the phone,” said Heather Moore, a neighbor who was there at the time of the indicent.

Paramedics gave the 3-year-old NARCAN, and then took her to the hospital where she was given another dose. She tested positive for Fentanyl in her blood and urine.

“I noticed, him [Moss] coming out with the girl. He looked scared,” Moore said.

The remaining three children at the home were taken to the hospital as well. The report said one had visible burns on his arms and back.

“They told me it was just eczema but to me it didn’t look like it because my sister deals with it,” Moore said. “And it did not look like what I’ve seen her have when hers flares up.”

And one was drinking from a bottle that investigators said had live maggots in it.

“I noticed when the girlfriend was feeding the baby, the drink didn’t look right. But I didn’t know what was in it at the time, but I know it didn’t look right,” Moore said.

L to R: Matthew Moss, Talethea Browman, Aisha Bartley

She said she’s just happy the kids are getting some help.

“My main concern was for the child that was unresponsive, because I want her to get the help she needed,” she said. “And it did kind of concern me when I saw the marks on the other baby of what might’ve been going on with it as well. So I just wanted them to get the help they needed.”

The three suspects are being held at the Charles B. Webster Detention Center. The case remains under investigation.