KEYSVILLE, Ga. (WJBF)- The Burke County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a drive by shooting that happened on Sunday in Keysville.

Officers say two homes were hit in this shooting , and one of them is the mayor’s house.

“When I went to the door in the first car came by the shot one shot and then as soon as I got the kids upstairs the other shots just came through one came through my stairwell when I was trying to get the kids upstairs one came through beating off my stairwell,” said Mayor Linda Wilkes.

Mayor Wilkes was sitting in her home with her seven great-grandchildren when she heard shots being fired from outside her house. When police arrived, three shell casings were recovered.

According to police reports,  another home just a block away was also hit.

“I was inside on my exercise machine and I heard the <makes sound> and that’s what made me jump up because that’s unusual for this area” said Wilkes.

Wilkes says as mayor of Keysville, this is shocking and unexpected.

“You know with all small towns of course there’s a little bickering here and there but nothing like this never” said Wilkes.

While investigators work to find leads, Wilkes says she wants the community to help, too.

“If you know anything please come for it because this is dangerous. I take care of seven children from ages 4 to 12 and it took a lot of quick thinking to get them to safety and it’s scary and it’s just by the grace of God and nobody was hurt,” said Wilkes.

Officials tell us that this is an ongoing investigation.