COLUMBIA COUNTY, Georgia (WJBF) – One man is wanted for vandalizing a Popeyes Chicken restaurant after accusing a worker for taking his order incorrectly multiple times when in fact she did not.

The incident happened Saturday, May 7th.

According to investigators, the shift manager was having issues with the customer who she describes as being belligerent while talking to the worker who was taking his order.

The shift manager says that the unknown man drove up to the drive thru window and began yelling and cussing at the two workers at the window, and even after an attempt to calm him down, the man grabbed the plastic shield on the drive-thru window, pulled it off, broke it, and then threw the shield inside of the restaurant.

The shift manager continues by saying that after he broke the shield, he attempted to come into the restaurant through the window, but the workers closed and locked the window before he could.

After making contact with the Sherriff’s Office, the man got out of the vehicle and attempted to enter the restaurant through the maind oor, but the shift manager was able to secure the door before he could, according to the shift manager.

According to the shift manager, the man got in his vehicle and left, taking a right on South Belair Road and continuing into Richmond County.

According to authorities, the man can be described as a Black man with black hair wearing a white tank top and grey pants.

Authorities say a Black woman was also in the car cussing and yelling, and she has black hair and was wearing all purple clothes.

Investigators say the subjects were in a white Dodge Ram 1500 with a silver grill on the front.