AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — An Augusta man is dead after being tazed by a Richmond County deputy who was trying to arrest him.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office says 45-year-old Christopher Tyrone Blount died after an attempt to take him into custody.

Just after midnight on Sunday, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s office says deputies responded to a call regarding a disturbance on South Kensington Drive.

Upon arriving at the home, deputies say they encountered Blount, who was combative.

They say they tazed him in an attempt to bring him into custody, after which he became unresponsive. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Corporal Tommy Gunn has been placed on administrative leave pending a review. The case has also been turned over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. 

“You’re looking at justification for using that piece of equipment. Again, taser, you’re looking at each pull of the trigger,” said Douglas Parker, a retired GBI Agent. “Why did that officer use that type of force for what he or she was presented with?”

Parker also said that autopsy information will be very important in the investigation.

“Especially in a taser to determine what the suspect may have had in his or her body they made have contributed to the death also,” said Parker.  “Physical condition, heart condition. Toxicology is going to be a big determining factor in that what substances were in the suspect’s body that have contributed to the death of that suspect.”

Still, Parker says that determining the mindset of the officer will be crucial in the investigation.

“… [We] interview the officer at a certain point to determine what was in the mind of the officer because that’s how they’re gonna be judged criminally according to case laws. What were the factors presented to the officer- cognitively, what was an officer perceiving? What was the officer reacting to given those facts and circumstances? Because it’s all really about perception. Body camera only shows certain things. Body camera does not show perception- that can only come from the officer and from that interview with the officer.”

We contacted Richmond County Sheriff Roundtree and he said, due to the GBI’s and their own internal investigations, no interviews could be conducted at this time.