AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Richmond County school officials released statements addressing parents’ concerns after T.W. Josey High School went on lockdown following a shooting threat on Tuesday.

In the statement, officials said they do not believe the shooting threat was credible, and they believe it was in response to a fight in the area.

Parents were rushing to get their children out of the school after being notified about the lockdown, causing confusion and congestion in the area.

“Chaos, it’s chaos. It really was,” said Brenda Lewis, a parent of a Josey student.

After complaints from parents about not being able to get their kids out of school, officials released a statement this afternoon that said, in part, ‘If access to a school facility is limited, it is to maintain order in the school and to respond to incidents using a safety first approach.'”

Parents said they need to come together with the school system and law enforcement officials to develop a plan to end the violence and safety issues.

“They’re not doing the right thing to stop the violence, nobody’s not coming together,” said Deadra Thompson, a grandparent of a Josey student. “Actions speak louder than words.”

Metal detectors, more resource officers, and other increased safety measures were on the parents’ lists of needed improvements.

This comes days after a shooting following the school’s homecoming game, and a shooting near Laney High School’s football stadium that caused its game to be suspended.

“I’m frustrated with Richmond County,” Thompson said. “And I want to say this at a press conference with Roundtree and whoever else because I’m tired of it.”