RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – An early morning brawl at the Charles B. Webster Detention Center (CBWDC) left several inmates with stab wounds.

Reports say as inmates left their cells at 6:30 Sunday morning for breakfast, multiple people began to square up against each other.

A fight began shortly after as DeQuinn Hamlin produced a shank from his jumpsuit and began stabbing Madison Lewis multiple times.

The following inmates were identified as participants in the fight:

  • Michael Mitchell – Observed holding a shank. Michael Mitchell approached Stephen Anderson and Madison Lewis while they were being beat and stabbed. Michael Mitchell kicked Stephen Anderson and Madison Lewis and kept others from aiding them as his co-defendants stabbed and beat them.
  • Roger Fielding – Initially fled out of camera view while pulling a shank from his jumpsuit. He was observed stabbing Dezmin Freeman multiple times.
  • Tony Landers – was observed stabbing Jeremiah Kelly and Dezmin Freeman.
  • DeQuinn Hamlin – Began the conflict by producing a shank and stabbing Madison Lewis. He then got on top of Madison Lewis and began stabbing him multiple additional times.
  • Anquavius Hill – held down Jeremiah Kelly while other inmates were stabbing him.
  • Reginald Harris – Stood on the steps between the 1st and 2nd floor armed with a shank. Not observed actively fighting.
  • Farrel Crawford – armed with a long sock filled with a heavy object, makeshift flail. Farrel Crawford used the flail to beat Stephen Anderson in the head and body.
  • Keeli Ware – initially fled out of camera view and returned to view in a fist fight with Farrell Crawford. After getting free from Farrell Crawford he fled again. Not observed participating in any stabbing.
  • Stephen Anderson – Initially rears back to punch multiple people that approach and are attempting to help DeQuinn Hamlin stab Madison Lewis. Stephen Anderson is knocked to the ground by Farrell Crawford and another unidentified inmate. Stephen Anderson is then assault by Farrell Crawford, Michael Mitchell, an unidentified inmate, and DeQuinn Hamlin. Multiple other inmates approach, hit, and stab Stephen Anderson while he is on the ground.
  • Dezmin Freeman – Runs off camera and reenters with a shank. Dezmin Freeman then got into a stabbing match with Tony Landres.
  • Jeremiah Kelly – Initially fled and was knocked to the ground. Tony Landers, Anquavius Hill, and other unidentified inmates held him down, and stabbed him. Was later found with a shank by Deputy Jailer Corby McIntyre.
  • Madison Lewis – Initial person stabbed not observed fighting or with a weapon.

Deputies say other inmates were involved in the altercation but could not be identified in the surveillance video.

Jeremiah Kelly, Stephen Anderson, Dezmin Freeman, Keeli Ware, Madison Lewis, Roger Fielding, and Tony Landers were found with stab wounds.

The injuries are as follows:

  • Jeremiah Kelly – 15 stab wounds to the back, and one deep stab wound to the left bicep which required him to be transported to Piedmont Hospital for treatment.
  • Stephen Anderson – Stab wounds to left forehead, 7 stab wounds to the back, one abrasion to the right elbow, multiple bruises and split skin along the top of his head. Stephen Anderson lost consciousness in jail medical and was transported to Augusta University Medical Center for treatment.
  • Dezmin Freeman – Stab wound on the left side of his face next to his left eye, a stab wound to the top of his left shoulder, and a stab wound to the back of his left shoulder. Treated in Jail Medical.
  • Keeli Ware – Cut behind the left arm and cut on his left hand middle finger. Treated in Jail Medical.
  • Madison Lewis – Cut on and behind the left ear. Three stab wounds to the front right abdomen. Treated in Jail Medical.
  • Roger Fielding – Small cut on the right leg. Treated in Jail Medical.
  • Tony Landers – Two small nicks on the chest. Treated in Jail Medical.

All those injured are now stable and have returned to the CBWDC.

Law enforcement said they recovered 10 shanks in total following the brawl.