Convicted serial killer Todd Kohlhepp was back in court in Spartanburg yesterday. 

This was the first time he was in a courtroom with Kala Brown — the woman he chained up for days in a storage container. 

Brown was rescued in November of 20-16. 

A psychiatrist took the stand from Brown — testifying that she would need treatment and counseling for the rest of her life. 

The psychiatrist said she’s already treated Brown for bipolar disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD), panic and stress. 

Then Brown took the stand herself.

(WSPA) – Todd Kohlhepp is serving life for the brutal murders of seven people and other crimes, but the serial killer was back in court Wednesday afternoon.

Several civil lawsuits have been filed against Kohlhepp. 

Kala Brown is among those suing him. She appeared at the court hearing as well.

She was held captive by Kohlhepp for more than two months after he shot her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, to death. 

Spartanburg County deputies found Brown chained up in a storage container on property that Kohlhepp owned near Woodruff. 

She was rescued in November 2016.

Brown filed a lawsuit against Kohlhepp and his late mother Regina Tague.

Brown’s attorneys say they’re seeking upwards of $363 million in damages against Kohlhepp for medical expenses, attorney fees and other expenses. 

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright has said Brown would receive reward money offered for information leading to the arrest of the quadruple murders at Superbike Motorsports. 

The killings had gone unsolved for 13 years until Kohlhepp’s arrest and subsequent confession. 
Kohlhepp is serving seven consecutive life sentences. 

In May 2017, he pleaded guilty to murdering seven people over 13 years, as well as kidnapping and sexually assaulting Brown and weapons charges. 

The mother of Johnny Coxie, who Kohlhepp shot and killed along with his wife on the Woodruff property, also sat in front of a judge Wednesday afternoon. Her attorneys asked for more than $20 million in damages. 

Kohlhepp took the stand in objection. He said he did kill Coxie but thought the amount his family wanted was too much. 

The Carver family and some of the family members of the Superbike victims say they asked for a continuance in their hearings. 

The families of Kohlhepp’s other victims say they would like to see the lawyers split up the money evenly, but they say no dollar amount will ever bring their loved ones back.