COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Columbia County investigators say two people are responsible for a rash of thefts from local Goodwill donation centers.

The suspects have stolen from Goodwill locations in both Richmond and Columbia counties on multiple occasions. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office says the suspects– a man and a woman– are not working together.

“I know that I’ve had four cases involving the same man and two cases involving the same woman,” Deputy Ken Waller said.

President and CEO of Goodwill of Middle Georgia and the CSRA, Jim Stiff, says these are not instances of someone stealing out of need.

“It was not because he needed clothing for a job interview that we give to people, he was doing it, I would assume, so that he can resell it and make a profit for himself,” Stiff said. “Those donations were not meant for private profit. Those donations were meant to lift people out of poverty through services.”

Investigators say they know who the suspects are, but they are not releasing their identities just yet, because warrants have not been filed. However, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is pursuing arrest warrants for theft.

The suspects were caught on outdoor surveillance cameras.

Goodwill Industries has cameras in those locations. They monitor those cameras. If you drive up to that location and we’re able to see the tag of your vehicle, we’re going to know who you are,” Deputy Waller said.

Stiff says he hopes those who are in need will ask for help.

“If somebody needs clothing, they should come to us and we can help them with a voucher,” Stiff said. “But don’t steal things from Goodwill because it’s taking revenue away from serving and giving people a hand up out of poverty.”