MCCORMICK COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) — A man wanted out of McCormick County and several other areas felt the need to chime in on a social media post regarding his status as a fugitive.

On Saturday, the McCormick County Sheriff’s Office put out a wanted poster on their Facebook page for 39-year-old Jeremy Kyle Willingham. The 5 feet 8 inch tall, 170-pound man was listed as armed and dangerous, with investigators saying that he should not be approached if he’s seen.

Hours after the post went up, a clearly agitated Willingham commented.

“Im not dangerous and I literally don’t even own a weapon but I guess if you talk [expletive] to a cop who you feel has violated your rights their EGO will get in the way and they will try and destroy you,” said Willingham, before accusing the Sheriff’s Office of telling lies and suggesting that they need to be investigated.

The Sheriff’s Office noted Willingham’s concerns, saying there’s “two sides to every story.”

“Hopefully you will turn yourself in tomorrow. If you want to come tonight, we work 24/7. If not, we will be seeing you soon!” a spokesperson with the Sheriff’s Office wrote.

Despite the danger posed regarding Willingham, many commenters on the post poked fun at the situation. One commenter asked if there was a reward if Willingham was spotted.

“I think I found em [sic] in these comments,” the commenter joked.

Willingham offered up his story in a second reply to which the Sheriff’s Office commented back with the same reply as before.

Willingham claims that the Sheriff’s Office performed an illegal search of a house he was staying in and seized property he owned, and that it was connected to a dispute involving a landlord. He also claimed a friend was also still being detained, despite posting bail.

“I AM NOT ARMED AND I AM NOT DANGEROUS,” Willingham claimed, before attacking the Sheriff’s Office again.

“Jeremy Willingham sooooo is that a ‘no’ on turning yourself in then…..?” one commenter wrote.

As of Monday evening, Willingham appears to still be wanted by the McCormick County Sheriff’s Office. It is unclear currently what charges he faces and what other jurisdictions are also still looking for him.