How much does a school bomb threat cost taxpayers?

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COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a bomb threat that happened at Evans High School Wednesday.
A student found the threat written on a wall in a bathroom.
The school was evacuated as a precaution, but the threat was found to be a hoax.
Obviously, anytime there is a bomb threat, school officials and law enforcement have to take it seriously.
That means students and faculty are evacuated and must wait outside until law enforcement gives the all clear.
While the search is going on, students are losing hours of what should be learning time.
Then there’s the cost of paying teachers, administrators and police officers to search the building and find out who made the threat.
Juvenile Judge Doug Flanagan ends up dealing with these cases in court.
He says officials end up figuring out how much the bomb threat cost the school system and the sheriff’s office.
He says that amount is usually between $1,000 and $3,000.
After appearing in court, the student and his or her parents are the ones who have to reimburse that amount to the county.
“The taxpayers don’t foot the bill. It’s the people that cause the problems. In addition to that, depending on what the circumstances are, you’ll probably be on probation for a while picking up trash on the side of the road, and the school usually expels you based upon the school board hearing,” he said.
Last year, there were 21 bomb threats in Columbia County. This year, there have been 6.
Judge Flanagan attributes the lower numbers to the work he and his staff members are doing.
They speak at schools and warn students about making bad choices, and what that can mean for their future.

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