BEECH ISLAND, S.C. (WJBF) – We’re just two weeks away from Halloween, but this is not the kind of scary those on Lanier Road had in mind.

“This was crazy. I’ve never seen a wreck like that, and it was scary honestly,” said witness Jacob McRae.

Just after 8 p.m. Tuesday night, deputies stopped a car on Beech Island Avenue and Lamar Drive. According to the incident report from the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, a resource officer conducted a traffic stop after the subject was observed swerving out of the lane. The officer exited his vehicle, and began approaching the subject. He then noticed the brake lights were still on, and the windows were still rolled up.

After pausing at the front of the patrol car, the driver sped off, taking authorities on a high-speed chase. While pursuing the subject, the officer lost rear traction on his vehicle while traveling on the curved section of Beech Island Ave. He went into a small ditch, but he was able to quickly regain control and return to the road. However, he turned off his blue lights and stopped the pursuit because he lost sight of the suspect.

After several minutes, the officer received word from dispatch that the supposed vehicle he was chasing had crashed on Lanier Road–and that’s exactly what happened.

The report confirms the subject’s vehicle collided with two other cars on the 200 Block of Lanier Road.

“There were two cars that were parked,” said McRae. “The two cars–there was a charger, and I couldn’t tell you what the other make and model was–it was completely pancaked. The driver of the vehicle that was running from the cops, their front end was in the backseat of the middle car, and the charger was pushed up into the woods.”

When the officer arrived on the scene, he located a subject on the ground next to one of the vehicles that was in the crash. Then, the officer heard another cry from the woods, which came from a second suspect that was at the scene.McRae says that subject flew into the woods after the collision, and received medical attention from EMS and first responders already on the scene.

Throughout the questioning process, both suspects continued to blame each other for driving the vehicle at fault.

Both of them were transported to the medical center via ambulance to receive treatment, and that’s where they are as of the time of this article.

While 3 cars were damaged, the crash also took out a mailbox. Adela Williams says this is the second time her mailbox has been destroyed due to reckless driving.

“It wasn’t long ago before this happened again,” said Williams. “I had to pay the fellow to put the new mailbox on. He put it in cement, in the hole and everything. So, he figured maybe that would help, but apparently it did not.”

Those in the area say people fly down Beech Island Ave and Lanier Road every day, and a solution must be made to keep people safe.

“My family, we’ve got kids running all around our property. There’s kids in every other house on this road. If any one of them got hit – that’s life changing. It’s tragic, it’s sad,” said McRae.

Williams says she wants a sign to tell drivers to slow down when they come down the road she lives on. “They need to put a sign somewhere, somewhere here to tell them to slow down. Because this is gonna keep happening and happening–this is the second time, and it’s not gonna stop here,” said Williams.

South Carolina Highway Patrol and deputies conducted a collision investigation, and found some other significant details.

While they were walking the path of the suspect who fled into the woods, investigators found a firearm, and a pill bottle that contained a bag with a “green leafy substance”.

The sheriff’s office will conduct a follow up investigation to gather more information.

No charges have been filed at this time.