“He didn’t mess with nobody. He stayed to himself,” Friends remember a Thomson teen

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Friends remember a young man who they say died way too young.

The grandmother of 17-year-old Daekwon Hines reported him missing Friday evening. On Monday, law enforcement responded to the scene of a body found in the woods off Dell Drive in Thomson.

Investigators are waiting on autopsy results to determine the identity. They tell NewsChannel 6, markings on the body lead them to believe it is Hines, but the autopsy results will confirm with certainty. Thomson’s Police Chief John Seay says the cause of death of the body found in the woods was not obvious by sight. They are waiting for the autopsy results to confirm the cause of death as well.

While investigators pour over evidence to find out what happened, people who knew Daekwon Hines grieve his loss. Bricdashia King is one of those friends.

“This is somebody’s child. This is somebody’s nephew. This is somebody’s boyfriend. This is somebody!” She says, “The way they did him, he didn’t deserve to be like that.  He didn’t deserve to be left like that. He didn’t deserve to be killed the way he did. He didn’t deserve to be killed at all!”

Kentrell Williams says he had known Hines for a few years. He says the teen would come over almost every day to play video games. Their favorite was NBA 2K.

“[He was] a laughing kid, always had his headphones in his ears listening to his music. He was just a normal kid,” Williams says about Hines. “He didn’t deserve that though.”

King smiles when she remembers the friend she called “Dae Dae.” She says he was the kind of guy you could never stay mad at, but she laughs talking about how he would get on her nerves.

“He was aggy. He was aggy at times. All the time really!” King said with a huge smile on her face. Even the jabs they used to exchange are something she misses already. “It’s not the same not having them arguments with him no more.”

King wants to know who did this to her friend and says they deserve to pay for it.

“He didn’t mess with nobody. He stayed to himself and I just feel like whoever did this to him is wrong. They wrong and they deserve to suffer,” she says. “Whoever did it is so heartless. They so cold hearted. It’s not right. There’s not fair to this mama at all. She begged and pleaded for her son.”

She will remember Hines’ laugh, his incessant questions and how he used to pick on her.

“He was a real fun person,” King says about Hines. “I don’t want everybody to be like it’s a loss because he’s in a better place now and we know he can’t get harmed where he is. I know he made it to heaven because it’s raining.”

Investigators say evidence from the scene points towards homicide and they are treating the case as such. The body is scheduled for an autopsy on Wednesday morning. Results should confirm who it is and the cause of death. There is no information on a suspect at this time.

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