GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – Three people have been arrested in reference to drug trafficking charges.

According to the Grovetown Police Department, officers encountered Gerald Jiminez, 28, of Grovetown, and Joslynn Apaisa, 26, of Grovetown, walking near the dead-end of Railroad Avenue at its border of the property of the Augusta State Medical Prison.

Officers say they conducted a field interview due to an increase in thefts and entering auto cases in the city, and after searching Jiminez backpack, officers found a remote-control drone and two vacuum sealed packages with one package containing over a pound of Marijuana and the other containing a pound of Methamphetamine.

Authorities say the drone was outfitted with a hook and release mechanism, and Jiminez had additional drone parts in a separate fanny pack located on his waist.

Isreal Walters

Meanwhile, officers say Isreal Walters, 28, of Augusta, arrived at the scene in a vehicle and stated that he was in the area to provide a ride to Apaisa despite Jiminez’s vehicle being parked a short distanced away, and then, Walters was detained while the investigation continued.

According to the officers on the scene, Jiminez and Apaisa admitted to being in the area with the intent of introducing the narcotics onto the premises of Augusta State Medical Prison via the drone, and Walters was familiar with the plan and may have been in the area acting as a lookout.

According to the Grovetown Police Department, Jiminez, Apaisa, and Walters were charged with Trafficking of Methamphetamine and Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute and have been committed to the Columbia County Detention Center.