COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – A Grovetown man was taken into custody after being accused of trying to lure a teenage girl into his car with a gun.

According to the incident report, the teenage girl told authorities with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office that a male stranger, who has been identified by authorities as Tajay Odaine Patterson, approached her while she was sitting in her vehicle at Patriot’s Park.

Authorities say that the teenager then reported that Patterson approached her vehicle, blew her a kiss, leaned into her vehicle through the window, and flirtatiously asked if she had a boyfriend and if he could be her boyfriend.

The teenager says in the report that she asked Patterson to leave, but he would not. She also states that she was afraid to leave her vehicle after telling him to leave several times because Patterson was blocking her door.

The report continues by stating that Patterson caressed her face and hair with his hand and demanded that she get out of the car to come with him to his car, and after she refused, Patterson opened the passenger side door of his vehicle and reached into the glove box pulling out a gun.

The teenage girl says in the report that Patterson held the gun to his chest telling her that he will use the gun on any guy that tries to hurt her, and she states that she used her phone to call her teammates for help.

The report states that her teammates walked over and helped her walk away from Patterson, and as they walked from the parking lot to the soccer field, Patterson followed them and continued to attempt to convince the 16 year old and her teammates into his vehicle to leave with him.

The girl says in the report that she told Patterson that she was 16 years old and was not interested in going with him, but Patterson said that “it didn’t matter.”

According to authorities, one of the teammates informed their coach, and the coach told Patterson to leave and stop bothering the juveniles.

The report states that after Patterson persisted in atttempting to convincing the juveniles to leave with him, the coach contact the Sheriff’s Office and eventually convinced Patterson to leave, and Patterson left the soccer field.

Authorities say Patterson was then taken into the Columbia County Detention Center for questioning.

According to the CCSO, Patterson was charged with False Imprisonment, misdemeanor stalking, and simple assault and has bonded out of jail.