Georgia Game Wardens recover bodies of missing boaters at Clarks Hill Lake

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Lincoln County- Two families are getting closure after a week-long wait for search crews in multiple counties to recover men from Clarks Hill Lake.

“I feel sorry for them because they lost somebody,” says West.

It’s a sad ending to a week-long search.

Eileen Elliot lives in Martinez. She says, “My heart goes out to the families. You know you go out to have a good time, and it ends up like this, it’s very sad.”

A DNR Spokesperson says the bodies of 37-year-olds Edward EJ Kirk and Eynn Wilson were recovered Saturday by Georgia Game Wardens. Crews found Wilson first, around 8 in the morning, during a surface search. He was floating in 35 feet of water within the search area at the lake near Cherokee Boat Ramp. J 8 hours later, Game Wardens recovered Kirk’s body floating nearby.

Paul West says he has used the lake for nearly 50 years and adds that this incident was an unfortunate lesson to others about lake safety.

“The vest is the most important thing because it will help you,” West said. “Be responsible as a boater taking it in and out of the water be careful of what you do and be careful of other people,” he added.

NewsChannel 6 reached out to the families of both Kirk and Wilson, but they were unable to comment at this time. On Sunday they will hold a candlelight vigil for both men who died. Right now, DNR says there is no information about an alleged video showing Kirk being pushed into the water.

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