(CNN) – This video shows the moments when the fight started on Friday outside Thomas Beauty Supply in Moultrie, Georgia.

As you can see in the red shirt Karen Harrison is holding her baby. She is then hit by another woman who is standing beside the car.

It happened so quickly but suddenly the baby is no longer in her hands.

People nearby run to pick the baby up. others tried to break up the fight.

Police say when harrison took the baby to the hospital the next day she said the baby fell at home which they later found out was not the case.

The fight is something that’s hard for police to wrap their heads around.

Lt Freddie Williams, “It’s very disturbing that you know two adults would would fight in a public place especially while holding a 3 month old child in her arms.”

Harrison faces a number of charges tonight including felony murder and child neglect.

Police have not charged the other woman involved in the fight — but the investigation isn’t over.