GBI raids Grovetown home, arrests man for Child Exploitation charges

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Jordan Logan is under arrest and facing child pornography charges.

This was part of Operation Southern Impact III.

Thursday, his neighbors said they were shocked something like this happened so close to their homes in a neighborhood with lots of children.

Debra Kaiser, a resident of the neighborhood said, “I have a 15 year-old, a 2 year-old, a 22 year-old and a 17 month-old and it’s scary because their bus lets down out right here on Creekside Dr. That’s scary.”

The GBI and Columbia County Sheriff’s Office raided this home on 415 Creekside Drive early Thursday morning.

As word of Jordan Logan’s arrest on child pornography charges got out, his neighbors reacted.

Kaiser said, “I feel disgusted … You never know who lives next door to you, across the street from you… You never know, I mean I’m just disgusted.”

Robert Luckey says he was waiting on the school bus with his daughter when he saw the GBI’s car.

Luckey said,  “I saw them in the neighborhood but I didn’t know extacly what was going on.”

He says this is not the first time he’s seen something suspicous going on here in his neighborhood.

“I’ve noticed over  the past month or two there has been a lot of police activity going on that way.”

He says as a father it makes him question whether he wants to keep his family in this neighborhood.

Luckey sais, “It’s anger, it’s terrible. I hate that stuff like that happens especially wih all of the kids in this neighborhood. It’s a really bad thing.”

The GBI has arrested a man after raiding a home in Grovetown.

Investigators searched the home on the 400 block of Creekside Drive, Thursday morning.

Jordan Logan was arrested under Child Exploitation charges.

Details are limited at this time.

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