THOMSON, Ga. (WJBF) — Neighbors say they were shocked to hear about a deadly murder in a home along Augusta Road on Wednesday.

The Wilsons were well known in Thomson and McDuffie County, and neighbors say the couple seemed happy.

“I’ve known the man, he’s very sweet, and we didn’t think anything like that would have happened to somebody that we knew very well,” Ronald Randolph said.

Ronald Randolph says he spent some time working on the Wilson’s land at Pine Top Horse Trials.

“I’ve done some work for…Wilson, I’ve done some work for him on the farm, and he, he’s very nice; him and his wife.”

People we spoke with in the area say they’re sad to hear about what happened. And while the GBI continues its investigation, they’re left wondering exactly what led up to those deadly shots.

“It’s something that people are going to be questioning, because we’ve had friends of our family ask if we know what happened and we, we just found out about it when it first happened,” Randolph said.