AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A hallway fight at Westside High School Wednesday, Oct. 6th, has ended in the arrest of two students, 18-year-old Demonta Renardo Coleman and 17-year-old Roger Chris Batts.

According to Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, the fight in a Westside High School happened at approximately 12:23 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, causing a disruption in the operation of the school. Both students were arrested today, Oct. 7th, and are being held on different charges, according to Richmond County arrest and booking documents.

The older student, Coleman, is charged with Simple Battery and Disrupting Public School after reportedly striking Roger Batts both in the face and against the back of his head with a closed fist, according to arrest wants. The disruption charge alleges that Coleman physically assaulted Batts.

Both charges are misdemeanors. Coleman is being held at Charles B. Webster Detention Center on combined bonds of $3,600.

The younger student, 17-year-old Batts, is charged with a felony for having a weapon on school grounds or at a school function, after pulling the knife out during the fight with Coleman. The exposed blade of the red-handled knife Batts carried measured 3.5-inches long.

Bond has yet to be set for Batts.

The only statement released by Richmond County Schools has been a letter sent home to parents and guardians by Westside Principle William Smith yesterday.

In the principal’s statement, the incident is categorized as “an argument between students”; school officials would only say that “one of the students pulled out an object that appeared to be a knife.” The letter also stated that no students were injured, despite the battery charge against Coleman.

The close of the letter to parents and guardians gave guidance to “remind your student(s) about the importance of school safety and the state laws prohibiting weapons on school grounds.”

The school system commented saying, “The School System is investigating an incident that occurred at Westside High School [Wednesday, 10-06-2021] that was reported to involve a substitute teacher. Following the investigation, the School System will work with Kelly Educational Services to address any employment concerns.”