AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- “Shaneikwa was unique she was different then any of my other two girls like I said she was well outspoken a loving daughter” said Lashawn Burns, Mother of Shaneikwa Lafavor.

Lashawn Burns says she was on vacation, when she got the call her daughter Shaneikwa Lafavor had been shot along with another adult and a child at a home near East Taylor Street Monday.

“It was my sister at first and I didn’t answer it and then my cousin called once I got that phone call I was like why is they calling me and then they called my husband phone and then that’s when every started crying saying Lashawn, I’m sorry and I really didn’t know what was going on and that’s when they told me.”

Burns says Lafavor was pregnant with her daughter ‘Gorgeous’ at the time of her death. Burns tell WJBF losing both of them is devastating. 

“She gave me my first granddaughter her name is Beautiful and this would have been my second granddaughter I don’t have any other granddaughters I have a step granddaughter, two of them,” said Burns.

Lafavor was well known by many. Her family says she was loved dearly.

Community activist Rev. Larry Fryer says gun violence happens often where Lafavor was killed. He says changes should be made.

“We must deal with the immoral aspects of out community where people are not respecting each other there’s not the love that we once knew we have to also try to educate,” said Rev. Larry Fryer.

“All I ask is this young generation need to put these guns down it’s better ways to handle a situation without having to take someone else life without having remorse or feelings for someone else life” said Burns.

And as for the alleged killer….

“The thing I would say is if anyone knows him or if he’s watching he can turn himself in because he took not one life he took two lives…he took a mother, a sister, a aunt, someone’s cousin, and he also robbed another baby out of her life,” said Burns.

Lafavor family and friends will gather for a balloon release to honor her on Sunday.

The family has also started a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses and to put out a reward to help find the shooter.