AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Buddy Brown Jr.’s  family says now that a suspect arrest has been made, something should be done about the safety of the apartment complex where Brown was killed. 

Buddy Brown Jr’s grandmother is now feeling a sense of relief…

“Now I don’t feel like I’m scared to go to bed now, Lord I feel so good about it I’m so glad they caught him I hope he get what he deserves both of them” said Anita Smith, Buddy Brown Jr. Grandmother.

U.S. Marshals arrested Gregory Thornton in Pennyslvia on several warrants.  He’s accused in the shooting death of Buddy Brown Jr.. He was killed outside of Richmond Summit Apartments in March .

Smith says Buddy was a kid who loved to do simple things.

“Go to school, come home play with his game, and eat… that was the three things he loved to do. Buddy was not a bad child, he was a loving, caring child” said Smith.

She says she’s concerned about the safety of the complex. 

“If they gone done anything they need to fix it up have security down there and put more lighting in the area because it’s not very well lighting” said Smith.

Other residents of Richmond Summit, say they agree.

“They do one thing and then somebody else take place and you don’t be expecting it but we got to have somewhere to be” said Willie Boatwright, Lives in Richmond Summit.

The hope for Brown’s family and people who live in the apartments is that children can be safe.

“This was a bunch of young kids who ain’t got more to do out there but act stupid and that wasn’t called for for that baby and reason I say baby because he wasn’t nothing but 13 just turned 13,” said Boatwright.

“This a tragedy we going through and it hurt so bad to see buddy gone Buddy supposed to be in school not laying in the ground,” said Smith.

The Brown family is looking to move out of the apartment complex soon.