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EXCLUSIVE: Get a first-hand look of an unlicensed personal care home raid; Arrest made

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)_ - The C.A.V.E. (Crimes Against the Vulnerable and Elderly) Task Force strikes again: An Augusta man, Weldon Burton, is sitting in jail: Charged with operating an unlicensed personal care home off of Louisville road. 

"Do you consent to us going inside and touring the property and talking to the clients?" C.A.V.E. Lead Investigator, William Loomer, asked Weldon. 

Investigator Loomer told us Gold Cross EMS responded to the home to treat a patient... but something didn't quite look right: "They did a great job in talking to some of the residents who actually told them this is their personal care home."

In just one week, the task force gathered enough evidence to search the home.

"And I hope you know we are here for your benefit, to make sure you are taking care of, ok?" a Richmond County Deputy told a victim. He responded, "Yes, sir. Ok."

That man... one of four people living inside of the home. Two were out of the house during the raid. 

"The CAVE team, the courts... They need to talk to Asi," Burton told someone while talking on the phone. "They need you to bring them back immediately."

As District Attorney Natalie Paine and at least a dozen C.A.V.E. members searched the home, several medications, check books and bills were strewn about: "...multiple deposits on the same.... I need to figure out who this person is," District Attorney Natalie Paine told C.A.V.E. members.

But no state or city licenses for operation in sight. C.A.V.E. member Shawn Rhodes told us years ago, the home was licensed, and DA Paine said Burton has been receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month from each patient.

"We had one individual who has been living here for 17 years that was very upset that she had to leave," Rhodes said.

The home.... bed bug infested. A blood stained bed: One example of where a resident laid their head each night: "You can see some dead bedbugs along there," Loomer showed.  

Within two hours, Weldon was in handcuffs and charged with operating an unlicensed personal care home. Loomer told us more are on the way.

As for the house: Condemned. 

"We are passionate about these victims,' Rhodes expressed. "A lot of these victims don't have a voice. We want to be their voice."

Those four victims have been re-homed to licensed personal care homes.

We will keep you updated on those pending charges.

Photojournalist: Brandon Dawson

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