THURSDAY UPDATE: Edgefield County manhunt suspect arrested in Augusta

EDGEFIELD, S.C. (WJBF) – The Edgefield County manhunt is shaking the community. What law enforcement initially thought would be a few hour search has now turned into a three day endeavor… with a helicopter, K-9 units, and eight different law enforcement agencies. And still a wanted man is on the loose.

“You know it makes you feel uneasy to know that someone is out there who could potentially do harm to people for no particular reason,” resident Alan Morris said.

“For my family’s sake, I don’t want to leave them alone then him come to my house and I’m not their to defend my family or make sure every thing is okay,” resident Matthew Edwards said.

“It was shock, I had no idea,” resident Bessie Williams added.

Some Edgefield County residents say they feel left in the dark by the sheriff’s office when it comes what’s going on in their town.

“If you have that many different agencies coming to look for somebody it has to be significant,” Matthews said. “I mean they’re not telling nobody anything.”

Trevonta Langford is wanted by the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office for three felonies: kidnapping, criminal sexual misconduct, and domestic violence of high and aggravated nature.

He is currently out on bond from another case, where he was charged with homicide by child abuse. He is awaiting trial on that charge.

“I know we’ve been a little close to the chest on a lot of this information,” Edgefield County Sheriff Jody Rowland said. “It is extremely sensitive, it is all domestic related. All domestic related. So we are protecting the victim here. We are protecting their identity.”

Reports show Langford threatened and assaulted a significant other on several occasions. He also threatened the victim’s family, including threatening to shoot up the victim’s mother’s house.

“They have been threatened. They have been terrorized by Langford,” Sheriff Rowland said.

When officers attempted to arrest Langford for the three felonies after 2 a.m. Sunday, he jumped out of his car and fled, initiating the manhunt. The sheriff says they believe Langford is hiding in the heavily wooded area between Sweetwater road and Highway 23.

“We have kept a patrol from Sweetwater, Canal Road, Bosket, Gray Street, Gray Street extension, Highland Avenue, and Highway 23 throughout the night. We are continuing that as we speak,” Sheriff Rowland said. “We will not stop.”

Residents say they’re looking forward to the end of this three day manhunt.

“I feel confident that they’re going to be able to resolve it,” Morris said.

“I’ll tell you, I really appreciate what they’re doing,” resident Kelvin Thomas added. “Those guys are on it and I just hope it don’t take long to get him caught up.”

Sheriff Rowland says he hopes the cold and lack of food and water will force Langford to give up and turn himself in.

At 5 p.m. Tuesday, law enforcement toned back the amount of man power on this search, but there are still boots on the ground.

If you see Langford, do not approach him, instead call 911.