AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – CSRA locals are preparing to explore downtown Augusta into this weekend. That’s following the deadly shooting of 21-year-old Logan Etterle.

We spoke to a few local businesses about any changes they’re bringing to their safety protocols.

“Anybody on my staff will stop people at the door when they first arrive.”

Troy Adamo is the co-owner of Vance’s Bakery Bar on Broad Street. He says he and his staff keep a close eye on who’s entering the bar by checking id’s.

“It allows us to make sure that we’re controlling the door entry,” says Adamo. “We are a very limited space so we want to make sure that we don’t overfill and that we don’t have any extracurricular activities happening late at night.”

He also says they have special protocols in place to keep their staff members safe.

“We make sure that everybody has an escort at the end of the night,” says Adamo.

But Adamo does say the shooting on 10th and Broad did raise some concerns for people who work there.

“We discussed it and we did make sure that everyone felt that sense of safety when they’re here as well as when then they’re leaving.”

Just a few blocks away at the Downtown Smoke Shop the nightshift manager Marques Jackson says they have cameras installed in just about every corner of the store.

“We don’t stand up front anymore, we prepare our stuff in the back to be able to asses anyone that comes through the door. Give our cameras a chance to pick up on anyone that comes through the door.”

But both Jackson and Adamo agree that the shooting of Logan Etterle has changed the atmosphere downtown.

“To be so close to something like that makes you reasses, you know, how safe is it for us, especially being open so late.”

And they also say more security downtown could prevent any other violent crimes from happening in the area.

“I honestly think it could be a little brighter out here at night, but just saying it isn’t going to do anything we gotta put the action towards it.”

NewsChannel 6 spoke with a few people that were out enjoying downtown Friday evening. They say Vance’s Bakery and Bar has the right idea when it comes to closing early.

“It’s tragic to see any of these young kids get hurt out here on the street but everybody will get home. I was always told nothing good ever happens after midnight.”