AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — A serial rapist is now off the street and the District Attorney’s new Special Victims Unit along with other area agencies helped bring him to justice.

In a news conference this morning, Augusta District Attorney Jared Williams addressed how their new SVU helped get Darrell Oliver sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, plus two years. This was Oliver’s fourth time being charged with rape. He was acquitted the other three times. 

“This threat has been eliminated he is no longer able to victimize and terrorize women in our community. We now have justice for all the survivors of his depravity,” Williams said.

The D.A. says the special victims unit has revolutionized the way sex cases are handled. The unit relies on early involvement in cases, institutionalized knowledge and specialized training to protect all victims in the pursuit of justice.  

“To put this into context, we have now surpassed pre-pandemic numbers for jury trials on serious violent felonies. It’s a testament to the hard work of all our D.A. investigators, our legal assistance and victim advocates,” said Williams.

Kari Viola-Brooke, executive director at Child Enrichment, says one key asset of the special victim’s unit is a unique specialization and commitment to understanding child abuse. 

“So, it’s really great for this specialization to know that the person handling this case knows as much as we do about the dynamics of abuse,” said Viola-Brooke. “Child abuse is hard to understand.”

Richmond County ranks number one in the state of Georgia for child trafficking.

“We need to be intentional about responding if we see something that is alarming and ensuring that law enforcement- the district attorney’s office- can get involved to prosecute those cases,” Viola-Brooke said. 

“I share this today so that you at home will know that the new model for justice is working. We are dedicated to your safety and this case is proof of concept that smart on crime makes you safe at home,” said Williams.

Williams says the work for the community is just beginning and, together, we will triumph in keeping our community safe.